• Burger with bacon and melting cheese served with fries
  • Variety of food displayed on a table
  • A bottle and a glass of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey served on a bar

Fox Barn Pub

About us

Eat - Drink - Get happy

Refurbished barn & farmhouse, with two floors, private banquet rooms, and a large deck overlooking the tree-lined valley. Featuring a lively pub atmosphere servicing the Great Valley corporate center & local home.

Located in the Great Valley Corporate Center, this 7,000 square foot restaurant offers a variety of modern dining and event spaces to meet your every desire. From contemporized dining on the main floor to a sports bar on the lower level, live music, outside bar, deck, and grilling area, Twenty9 is the ideal setting for a special night out or any event.


Established in 2010.

Stephen Scutti and Executive Chef Edwin Tietjen, current owners of Stephens on State in Media, PA since 2003, along with the newest partner Patricia Archie have joined together for the opening of their new restaurant, Twenty9. Collectively their vision and innovative style have brought new life to a landmark of the Great Valley Corporate Center formally known as Flannigan's Boathouse.